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New Interface: Experience a fresh and vibrant look with our updated Wiki interface. We’ve organized items into a more structured format, featuring a bolder and brighter theme. The visually stimulating design aims to make your learning experience not only insightful but also relaxing and refreshing.

Left-menu Feature: Introducing a foldable left-menu to the Wiki! This handy feature allows you to seamlessly navigate and discover pages or concepts related to the content you’re currently exploring.

Easier Navigation: Say goodbye to struggles! Our revamped Wiki opens like a book, making it a breeze to find and switch between pages and topics. Enjoy a smoother and more efficient navigation experience.

Better Search Options: Finding what you need has never been easier. Our improved search functionality picks up on every letter you type, suggesting relevant destinations and ensuring a seamless exploration of our Wiki.

Revised Documentation: We’ve gone the extra mile to review and update all pages under Documentation. Combined with the new look, the MDriven Documentation now provides a solid foundation for your modeling endeavors.

We hope these enhancements make your time on our Wiki even more enjoyable and productive. Happy exploring!

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