MDriven Summit 2022

16 March – in Stockholm Post-Pandemic meet up with everyone that has an interest in MDriven! Customers, Developers, Curious! Presentations and mingling! Catch up and plans! Greetings from around the Globe! Beer and finger-food! Bring a friend (make them sign up) SIGN UP: 0

Business Inspiration

Why bother with MDriven?

Why bother with MDriven? What MDriven brings to the table for corporations compared to other strategies to develop software systems available today. Let me start with some definitions: Definition 1: System Modernity means the technology, tools and strategies used to develop a software system. I postulate that any system built with any System Modernity contains …

Business Inspiration

Keep it up! Do not let the bozos get you down!

When answering the question “Why we address system development the MDriven way” we most of the time come back to the fact that it is a great idea to separate the true knowledge of the domain – The Gist – from the fast aging technology choices (Modernity) – and from the even faster changing look-and-feel …