Framework Turnkey

Debug CodeDress Turnkey locally

Set up IIS, Install a Turnkey app Scenario 1: Debug turnkey codedress with data from cloud MDrivenServer Scenario 2: Debug turnkey codedress without roundtripping code changes to MDrivenServer Scenario 3: Debug/Test your codedress code outside of Turnkey – but still connected to cloud MDrivenServer Scenario 4 – not described here : Debug MDrivenServer codedress connected …

Framework Modeling Turnkey

Getting data from anywhere- like for example Spotify – that is Oauth2 protected

Number 1 to get a successful integration going is : Read the documentation of the service you want to connect with – also read MDriven wiki and articles like this! Number 2; remember that security is very often a precision sport – “close” does not cut it and often gives you the same error as …

Framework Turnkey

We will help you to get things done – you are not dreaming- web development just got faster

You need a backend – you want a frontend – you do not want to waste time. I can come to no other conclusion: MDriven Turnkey. This is especially true if you think your product will evolve over time and be updated by multiple developers. 0