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Visual Studio 2019

You can now run MDriven Framework in Visual Studio 2019.

It will work in Community, Professional and Enterprise editions.

The same install will work in VS2019, VS2017 and VS2015. With this release we deprecate earlier VS-versions.

Who is MDriven Framework for? It is for developers that focus on Problem-Formulation rather than coding. The main challenge in digitalization is not writing code – it is problem formulation – to actually understand how you as a developer can help by bringing information technology to any situation.

Problem formulation in a domain that is open for improvement via application of information technology will be a cyclic and hopefully never ending task – you can always improve. To deliver value in this environment without getting caught up in old fashioned coding issues you will find that MDriven is a really good partner.

By allowing you to formulate the problem with models – instead of text – you can bridge the gap between humans and computers in an unprecedented way. The models built with MDriven transforms into the artifacts needed by current technology automatically and in seconds. This way you and your team can stay in the loop of constant problem formulation – not wasting time in realization of a solution for a known problem (traditional coding).

Actually very cool…

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