Framework Modeling

Boost Performance: Remove Animations in MDriven Designer

In the fast-paced world of software development, every second counts. When working with large models, we often encounter animations that, while visually appealing, can slow down our workflow. Additionally, animations on ViewModels—such as those triggered by clicking columns—can be frustratingly slow, especially on computers/laptops with weaker graphics cards. The Culprit: Animated Elements Large Models and …

Framework Turnkey

Debug CodeDress Turnkey locally

Set up IIS, Install a Turnkey app Scenario 1: Debug turnkey codedress with data from cloud MDrivenServer Scenario 2: Debug turnkey codedress without roundtripping code changes to MDrivenServer Scenario 3: Debug/Test your codedress code outside of Turnkey – but still connected to cloud MDrivenServer Scenario 4 – not described here : Debug MDrivenServer codedress connected …


.netStandard and core3.1

As of build 12695 (2020-11-30) the package contain builds with .netStandard 2.1 and Core 3.1. The reason behind the update (besides normal maintenance) was driven by TurnkeyCore implementation of realtime and network polling reduction work we did for Turnkey(.NetFramework4.x version) by utilizing SignalR. SignalR required core 3.1 and everything else followed from there.

Framework Modeling Turnkey

Getting data from anywhere- like for example Spotify – that is Oauth2 protected

Number 1 to get a successful integration going is : Read the documentation of the service you want to connect with – also read MDriven wiki and articles like this! Number 2; remember that security is very often a precision sport – “close” does not cut it and often gives you the same error as …



Localization is the processes of translating a product to work in a new culture or language. When it comes to MDriven we are in a good seat for handling all the texts that are available in a system. Since we have the meta model of the system we can in theory know about all texts …