In MDriven everything starts with the type-system–just as in life

  • Define : Add definition to a type-system
  • Calculate : Describe logical transformation within a type-system
  • Action : Change and add instances within the type-system

Bringing definition, calculation and action together results in the ability to perform arbitrary computation. Computational ability is a fascinating thing and many signs point to that this is how the universe works. 

Traditional physics focus on finding out the definition of the type-system that constitutes our universe and describing what transformations (calculations) that can be applied to it (the laws of physics). But we struggle to find who or what it is that instigate action (what is life). We also have a hard time pinning down what process that created the type-system in the first place (God or fluke?).

When we try to track the origins of the type-system we end up in big bang with no obvious way to see what was before.

In computation time is central. Everything is done in computational discrete steps. Traditional physics has not fully accepted the quantization of time and there is no need to as longs as we focus on describing calculations and transformations within the type-system. We do accept causality – the principle that action precedes effect – and this implies time – but it does not require quantization of time as computation does.

Computation is much more than calculation

In his book NKS Stephen Wolfram ( investigates what computations are capable of. What he shows, that is not obvious from the onset, is that computation can create results that cannot be described by calculations alone.

Thus he coins the term of computational irreducibility. I think the idea of computational irreducibility is an equally important insight as the insight that mass bend space.

What the existence of computational irreducibility gives is the insight that some computations lack shortcuts and predictability that calculations give. Meaning that the fastest way to find out the result is to let the computation run its course.

This insight may seem small but leads to clarity of the built in limitation of traditional physics that only deals with calculations. If the universe is computational traditional physics will not have explanations for everything that happens within it – because it is not calculable.

Free will

A friend asked me about my beliefs on the concept of free will. I think that the question hunts so many because they are stuck in thinking that calculations can describe the world – but calculations cannot describe the complete world if it is computational.

I believe that the world is computational and I believe that what we perceive as “self” is computational irreducible and the only way to know how it ends and what I will do next is to wait until I do it.

Its not only the easiest way to to find out what I will do next – according to Wolfram it is the only way to find out – even for me. How cool is that – everyone are along for a ride of their life that is impossible to predict!


But I digress – what I wanted to say is that MDriven gives you accessible tools to investigate everyday type-systems – and no-one knows where that will end up…

Just like MDriven is a type-system in itself I wished I could give you a clear roadmap on what is next – but hey its not only hard it is impossible.

Merry Christmas!

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