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MDriven Coaching program

When you take on a small or large development project you may be in need of support and coaching.

MDriven strategies are unique in the way that they enable you to do all the work yourself ( frontend, backend, database , testing, usability design, deploy, servers resources, scalability etc.)

This lowers the overall price and increase the overall speed but may in turn make you feel both lonely and vulnerable, if you have no one to ask when in doubt.

In order to address this feeling of loneliness we offer a coaching program where you can reach and communicate with an experienced MDriven coach.

The coaching program is not consulting. We do offer consulting work as well – but that is different compared to this coaching program in the following ways:

  1. Consulting provides human resources to produce a result or to reach a goal
  2. Coaching aims to support a named individual that wants to produce a result or to reach a goal
  3. The coach will not do the work for you – but the coach will be able to show you how to solve particular things you feel insecure on how to solve yourself.
  4. The goal with coaching is to enable you to solve what needs to be solved – by showing you how to get past hurdles you encounter and this way grow your knowledge
  5. Coaching aims to help you to become an experienced MDriven developer without any feelings of abandonment that may otherwise arise when working with system development

You will be assigned a named head coach. This coach has in turn access to other coaches within the MDriven Network and you may get direct or indirect access to these persons depending on your needs.

The MDriven coach will point you in the right direction to find training samples – and how to think about problems that you encounter – you must then yourself make an effort to learn and come up with a solution  – you can always ask your coach if there are things you do not understand.

Coaching is not just a transfer of technical wisdom – it is also a holistic approach on how to handle the process of change that is central to most system support system delivery projects.

You will be able to reach out to your coach at any time – and the coach will be there for you when you need.

The MDriven coaching program focus on you as a person/human and not as a machine that is supposed to solve a problem.

Being the information architect of any information system will both be fun and demanding and you will meet many customers and clients that both understand your value and those that does not understand your value. This comes with the territory and it will help to have a dedicated MDriven coach at your side that you can reach out to when the demands on you get overwhelming – the coach will help you to set things into perspective.

MDriven coaches does not only know technology – they are also experienced in working in projects with both nice and not so nice people. MDriven coaches know that stress can bring out the worst in people you work with – but we also know that most problems has an acceptable solution so that you can show the way forward.

You will grow and trust your capabilities better when participating in the MDriven coaching program.

The coaching program is personal and costs 500Euro per month ex VAT.

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