Open letter to managing directors

In this letter you will find our proven strategies to enable your coworkers to continuously sharpen their own information management with custom IT and get motivated and collaborative on their own. Your coworkers will reduce their own stress and they will leave you with a fully documented truth on how they work – without you needing to push for it. You will see how this strategy is future proof – running on the technology valid at any time – now and in the future. We are sure that you will see the benefits of what we have found and the tools we provide to support you to win with your business. With a slim IT-budget and higher coworker satisfaction.


In a world of computational irreducibility, we must move in order to find answers – there often are no shortcuts – you must process all the steps in order to find the results and answers.

In this world we need tools to structure both our findings, history and our latest movements forward – and we need such a tool to be so transcendental to all the implementation details so that it holds the idea (the gist of it) – nothing else. Why? – well, first it is a question of the economics; ideas do not need implementation details to be conveyed and discussed, secondly it is a question of agility – the idea as its own thing can evolve and get improved much faster than any implementation of the idea can.

But ideas can never deliver on their own – they need to be implemented in order to manifest in the world – they need both hard toiled basic function in the reality of today (they need today’s modernity) and they need the sass and flair from the current flow (they need fashion).

A strategy for a world like the one described above should keep ideas as its own thing, separate from Modernity and Fashion. With information technology it is possible to have machines act on the ideas alone, and provide an exact implementation of these ideas manifested in the Modernity current at the time. With this strategy we accept the irreducibility of the ideas creation process but have full automation (reproducibility) of the Modernity.

We suggest that we pull apart the monolith of the current IT-processes that does not separate ideas i.e. the Gist from Modernity and Fashion but instead praise the mixture of them in agile code centric processes. By pulling the Gist, Modernity and Fashion apart to their own processes, we achieve both fluency of thought (the Gist alone) and speed of delivery (automated Modern implementation) and this leaves much more creative space for Fashion.

The above described strategy stems from the findings that has been vetted and tested in real life scenarios with almost magical results during the last ten years of MDriven business focused development.

We offer businesses to revolutionize their ability to build around ideas (the Gist). Ideas that lasts as long as they need and can be changed and replaced as often as needed. Ideas easily communicated internally in a format that can engage everyone in an ongoing discussion on how to win today and tomorrow. Ideas in a structured format is a foundation to build new ideas on top of – but will also allow for faster dismissal of ideas not rooted in practical reality. Ideas that is light as air, but strong as steel. Ideas that becomes the language everyone in the business can talk and improve upon.

We also offer today’s technology brought to life in an instant with the structured ideas you provide it with. This is not “a system” it is “development done instantly” – it takes the structured ideas you have now and instantly acts on your ideas only. The process is literary seconds short. Imagine what effects that may have on the spirit of your workplace – if ideas discussed one day can be fully documented and in the collective memory for the future and have been put in production in the core tools for the business tomorrow. Seeing your ideas come to life triggers the positive thinking that so many businesses want to tap into. We know how to tap into it and make it core to your organization.


As a managing director of a business following the MDriven method you will get some clear benefits:

  1. You will have a complete documentation of the current ideas central to your business – you will know that the Gist of the business is not only in the heads of a few persons, but a documented established shared truth that stays behind when everyone goes home at 5PM.
  2. As you now have separated implementation (Modernity) from idea (Gist) and also automated the IT- implementation process of new ideas you will see a higher churn rate when it comes to coworker driven process improvements. This will lead to increased levels of engagement from your workforce – and likely less frustration for you to deal with.
  3. As time goes by the technology advances. Your business must then change its tools to take advantage of modern times. As your ideas now are separated from the implementation you will not be stuck with old legacy IT-systems and a hurtful transformation process. Instead you can seamlessly update the Modernity separately from the Gist.
  4. As the MDriven method is Idea and language centric you will notice cross-department increased collaboration as ideas get communicated in a common language that acts as the truth everyone aim to improve.
  5. A few of your coworkers will probably shine brighter than others as they may be more talented in dealing with the “why we do things” than others – and in the MDriven method these persons tend to be the custodians of the common idea and the ones working with main business improvement process. As they now have MDriven tools their result becomes facts faster and with low risk. And as the risk is reduced you can delegate even more to them than before – freeing up more of your time to work as an extrovert leader rather than someone that is mopping up conflicts and failures.
  6. With MDriven method fully implemented your coworkers continuously improve internal and external processes in order to reduce their own stress and frustration. It is amazing what information technology can do if it is applied where it hurts in a business, by people that actually feel the pain. Coworkers that has this ability to improve their own environment are happy, and happy people does not leave.

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