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MDriven is not one thing – its seven and some extras

First thing: A fully normalized database-schema with generated keys for all associations – in most of the good DB- brands, following my uml model -whatever I do with it Second thing: A Business layer for objects with constraints and rules – following my uml model and ocl expressions – whatever I do with them – …



Blazor comes in 2 flavors – serverside and clientside. This article will discuss the status of ServerSideBlazor in MDriven Turnkey. Creating Blazor components usable from MDriven Turnkey Create an Assembly in VS2022 for BlazorComponents Use .net5. Import any 3:th party blazor components that you want to base your work on (or work from scratch) In …


MDriven Summit 2022

16 March – in Stockholm Post-Pandemic meet up with everyone that has an interest in MDriven! Customers, Developers, Curious! Presentations and mingling! Catch up and plans! Greetings from around the Globe! Beer and finger-food! Bring a friend (make them sign up) SIGN UP:


In MDriven everything starts with the type-system–just as in life

Define : Add definition to a type-system Calculate : Describe logical transformation within a type-system Action : Change and add instances within the type-system Bringing definition, calculation and action together results in the ability to perform arbitrary computation. Computational ability is a fascinating thing and many signs point to that this is how the universe …

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Why bother with MDriven?

Why bother with MDriven? What MDriven brings to the table for corporations compared to other strategies to develop software systems available today. Let me start with some definitions: Definition 1: System Modernity means the technology, tools and strategies used to develop a software system. I postulate that any system built with any System Modernity contains …

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Debug CodeDress Turnkey locally

Set up IIS, Install a Turnkey app Scenario 1: Debug turnkey codedress with data from cloud MDrivenServer Scenario 2: Debug turnkey codedress without roundtripping code changes to MDrivenServer Scenario 3: Debug/Test your codedress code outside of Turnkey – but still connected to cloud MDrivenServer Scenario 4 – not described here : Debug MDrivenServer codedress connected …