.netStandard and core3.1

As of build 12695 (2020-11-30) the package contain builds with .netStandard 2.1 and Core 3.1. The reason behind the update (besides normal maintenance) was driven by TurnkeyCore implementation of realtime and network polling reduction work we did for Turnkey(.NetFramework4.x version) by utilizing SignalR. SignalR required core 3.1 and everything else followed from there. +1


Transparency, an increasingly important aspect of software

Your system – any system – should be transparent in order to gain trust. Would you like to fly a Boeing Max 8 with mashup code from everywhere that no-one fully understands? You can trust systems that are not transparent – but it is easier to build trust for transparent systems. Transparent systems has been …


Wednesdays with MDriven

Woho! MDriven Summit 2022 Sign up if you can attend: The meeting is hosted on 2022 Spring Meet 2022 3/3 Learn how you can add your own views to the model designer to see the contents of your model in new ways – using the same strategy as you do for your own …

Business Inspiration

Keep it up! Do not let the bozos get you down!

When answering the question “Why we address system development the MDriven way” we most of the time come back to the fact that it is a great idea to separate the true knowledge of the domain – The Gist – from the fast aging technology choices (Modernity) – and from the even faster changing look-and-feel …