The power of text

UML is in its core a graphical language and as such it is not easily manipulated by the most powerful tool in the digitalized world today: the text editor. The text editor is a concept with thousands of implementations. Software developers tend to grow deep relationships with their text editor of choice. The power of …


More Layout

As a modeler I spend a lot of time in the model. I look things up and in order to answer questions I get from EVERYONE – and I also have questions of my own – how does this or that work. The model is also my main tool to solve new problems for the …

Framework Turnkey

We will help you to get things done – you are not dreaming- web development just got faster

You need a backend – you want a frontend – you do not want to waste time. I can come to no other conclusion: MDriven Turnkey. This is especially true if you think your product will evolve over time and be updated by multiple developers. 0



MDriven has a clear separation between the application tier and the persistence tier. These tiers are commonly put on different network hosts. And when they are on different hosts we need to communicate between them over the network. This network communication will include request for: Searches in persistence storage Access to object content of specific …


How can MDriven be so much more efficient than other system development tools?

It all comes down to the environment you act in and what you can expect from it. In MDriven you completely control the environment by creating the model. This means that you fully control the rules of the game. If you are fully in control you do not need to safeguard and hedge everything as …