Themes in MDriven Turnkey

Theme : broad changes to an application when it comes to colors, sizes and fonts

Style: change to single widget depending on setting or data

We have covered Styling here

But what about Themes?

As CSS gets better and better support for Variables we have been able to move a lot if theming values to CSS variables – and that in turn makes it possible to change a lot by tweaking these variables.

We made a small model section that you can merge in to your model called Theme Builder. With this merged with your model you can quickly tweak and tune the CSS variables that builds up your theme.

Watch this 3 minute video on how to merge and how to use:

We use SASS that compiles into CSS – and you can always tweak our SASS-base-files if you need or want to really get down deep in how your application renders in html, read more here

But with the introduction of CSS variables you do not have to go that route to get theming going.