Excel Rocks! But…

If you do solutions for colleagues with Excel you have the ability to build enterprise grade multi user information systems with MDriven in about the same time.

Excel is amazing – it empowers you. We want to empower you even more with MDriven.

Excel is so great because you do not need the IT department to get things done – you do not need to explain every tiny detail that you cannot articulate until you see it for yourself. You can work very iteratively and arrive at a solution that works now and can be improved tomorrow. You can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

Excel is however frustrating since your solution is depending on strict definitions on what positions in sheets mean – and there is no easy way to communicate the relations between cells other than using column and row references. It is easy to lose track of the solution as it grows and you go from being very excited to hating it – back to excited – and so on in a rapid pace. Part of this is natural developer angst – and a big part is fixable by raising the level of abstraction with MDriven.

Excel is sadly not very safe when having multiple users because there is no difference between using the solution and changing the solutions – and some of your users will change rather than use, by mistake or curiosity or trying to be helpful – and then you risk to lose track.

  • We want to empower you to build multi user enterprise grade information systems without involving the IT department. We want to give you the power you have with excel but without the limitations.
  • We will enable you to separate “using your solution” from “changing your solution” as is the signum of all robust systems.
  • We will show you have to avoid losing track of a growing solution by using plain English instead of cell references in all your rules.
  • We will show how to incorporate any level of authorization into your system so that you can keep sensitive information in the same solution as open information – and still be safe.
  • We will show you that you can replace not only complex excel spread-sheets but also bulky licensed cots-systems with your own tailored MDriven systems. Doing so will save you licensing fees and make users happier – and put you in the driver seat for improvements.

Now you might think – “I really do love excel and I am not prepared to leave it”. You will not have to leave it! Your MDriven system will work with excel and it will be easy to push and pull data from your MDriven-based-system. You can also easily produce excel-reports from your system.

There are actually only benefits going down the MDriven route – it gives you the abilities of an experienced software developer without the need to learn a lot of technology. We want you to be able to focus on the gist of your solution and leave the tech-stuff to MDriven.

Un-learn how to code

Un-learn how to code. Why would you want to un-learn how to code?

The problem with “coding” is that it is the process of taking a high-level description of information and process, that can be easily understood by people – and translate it into a lower level of description of the exact same information and process so that your machine servers may understand it.

This is all and good – but just as we have issues from language to language translation like distortion and lack of speed – we have the same issues with code and coding.

Further more we often make no separate documentation on what we said to the translator or coder – we just assume the message will be conveyed to the machines and it is enough if they have the definition clear – so that we do not need to hold all those things in mind.

We have wrongly assumed that it is the translator i.e. the coder that keeps the knowledge – but they don’t. Of course, the translator will know what you said an hour ago, yesterday or even last month – but they will have no chance of remembering all the details that went into code a year ago.

We also wrongly assumed that the rules we convey to the coder are timeless – that they will not wither with time. This assumption could have been correct but isn’t because the coder mixes your rules with other requirements that are implied from today’s technology – the modernity – and this age rather fast. Your timeless rules are mixed with short lived technology – and the result does not last.

This is why we must un-learn how to code.

Information technology is the most powerful tool we ever invented – it is too important not to use. It is too important for allowing it to be hard to use. Information technology must be democratized and made available for high level descriptions that humans understand rather than low level code that is error prone and already mixed with things that age.

MDriven is showing the way – everyone will eventually follow – but being first is an opportunity.

To AI or not to AI

If we zoom really far out there are only two problems in the world:

  • Figure out what to do (problem formulation)
  • Do it (problem solution)

Modern AI is always in the “Do it” category – because problem formulation requires a will to change – when AI gets there I will update this article.

Most new challenges (99%) we are put in front are in the “Figure our what to do” category. And once we figure it out we will not need AI for 99% of the solutions we come up with since the solutions are linear or straight forward to solve with known tools that have precision and logic on another level than what modern AI has.

If my math is correct we will use AI on 0.01% of challenges we face.

This 0.01% will be insanely helpful though – since it will helps us “Do” things we have never been able to learn computers do before. Almost all of these things boils down to classification of unclassified data (pattern recognition).

If we can get a computer to classify data then we can make it create wonderful music. Create an AI that can take any sound-stream and classify if it is wonderful music or not – then we could leave it with a noise source and come back and check it once in a while – it will have found stuff to classify as wonderful music for sure. With back-propagation it will be very much faster than just waiting for chance. A person could do this too – but not as fast and not as long and not as cheap – and back-propagation is what a person does when she improve her ability by reducing her weaknesses.

It is a revolution!

But only for the 0.01% of the things we do – so stay in school – you will be needed a while longer.

What MDriven does with models is actually pure “Figure out what to do”—stuff (the 99% percent of what problem solving is all about), then we take the models and “Do it” with well known established software strategies that has evolved the last 40 years – in seconds – so that you do not have to. If you use MDriven to reduce the tedious “Do it” phase  you will have more time to think on how to apply AI to your product.

Visual Studio 2019

You can now run MDriven Framework in Visual Studio 2019.

It will work in Community, Professional and Enterprise editions.

The same install will work in VS2019, VS2017 and VS2015. With this release we deprecate earlier VS-versions.

Who is MDriven Framework for? It is for developers that focus on Problem-Formulation rather than coding. The main challenge in digitalization is not writing code – it is problem formulation – to actually understand how you as a developer can help by bringing information technology to any situation.

Problem formulation in a domain that is open for improvement via application of information technology will be a cyclic and hopefully never ending task – you can always improve. To deliver value in this environment without getting caught up in old fashioned coding issues you will find that MDriven is a really good partner.

By allowing you to formulate the problem with models – instead of text – you can bridge the gap between humans and computers in an unprecedented way. The models built with MDriven transforms into the artifacts needed by current technology automatically and in seconds. This way you and your team can stay in the loop of constant problem formulation – not wasting time in realization of a solution for a known problem (traditional coding).

Actually very cool…

Fighting consensus

For humans consensus is important. Consensus in a group means that no one will argue with the established beliefs and if you do you will meet resistance.

Consensus is a dangerous thing that leads to groupthink and may lead us to disregard hard facts verified by experiments as the scientific methods postulate – but it can be good also – we need to understand when to fight it.

When is it good? When having a group of people that squabbles over small not very important things that are more up to perception and feelings – in this case a process that leads to consensus can help put all that used energy to rest and let it be used for more pressing matters. We see this in democracy when, every pre-election-period, people start to squabble about – on the whole – small changes to “the machine” called society. As the election pass, the majority of the people got their will and the majority of the minority respect the result and fall into consensus with the new situation.

When is it bad? When it makes you or your group argue against evidence. Argue against known evidence is really bad – but also argue against yet unknown evidence and stopping research into the matter due to not wanting to know the facts. The USA is one current example of this – consensus in the Republican party neglects evidence of presidential misconduct and wants to limit the investigations into several questionable matters.

Why do I bring this up? This is why: The empirical evidence is crystal clear – raising the level of abstraction by using models to build software as MDriven does is very much faster, leads to higher quality yet reduce the need for test, better overall performance and machine utilization, better documentation of the developed product, happier developers that can be relaxed and still meet all demands, make systems easier to maintain, democratize business information like never before, drives digitalization and makes businesses thrive.

But the consensus in the developer community says this is all wrong.

To all of us using MDriven or MDriven like strategies: You are not crazy – but you are fighting consensus and that is always hard. We thank you for joining us in this fight! At one point in the future consensus will shift and everyone will take your way of working for granted – and maybe fight some new findings for the wrong reasons – this is just part of human nature it seems. We must be vigilant in everyday life to reflect on where we are going along with consensus but the consensus is wrong.

I am watching the HBO series Chernobyl. My stomach aches as I watch the group-think, the consensus and total neglect for scientific evidence that naturally arise in all totalitarian systems. We must never forget that just because one group is in power – they can never shift reality. The scientific method is the most powerful tool we have ever constructed for seeing reality. Consensus is an inherent thing of our biology that is the enemy of science, the enemy of discovery, the enemy of progress and the enemy of change.

Consensus is at the core of all religions and religion would not be possible without it. Keep vigilant – question everything once a year at least and try to look objectively on your beliefs – maybe you will find that you are the victim of a consensus-group that has it all wrong?

I backed this book translation at kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1138088857/space-earth-human. It is by Alexander Parkhomov and he is fighting the consensus in science that LENR is not possible – Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. He has in an open fashion shown that it very much seems to exist – still – no cigar. Consensus might prevent us from seeing a new safe energy source and all the good that it would bring.

Keep fighting! It is what makes life intriguing and fun! Never stop!