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Keep it up! Do not let the bozos get you down!

When answering the question “Why we address system development the MDriven way” we most of the time come back to the fact that it is a great idea to separate the true knowledge of the domain – The Gist – from the fast aging technology choices (Modernity) – and from the even faster changing look-and-feel choices (Fashion). This is contrary to traditional development that mixes it all up with hard to read, non reversible code.

The main protests we get against this argumentation is oddly enough that the true knowledge of the domain (the gist) is so complex so no one can comprehend it. Ok – how to retort to that? If it was true, we can just all lay down and die anyway – if there is no way to understand anything – we should not build any system with any methodology, period.

People touting the idea that “this area is so complex so do not even try, you will never make it” most often has a clear case of the emperor-has-no-clothes-syndrome, i.e. they make a big bombastic claim and hope that it will not be scrutinized – if it isn’t – they win – otherwise they lose. They will do anything to get acceptance for their claim – everything rides on this single claim  – and debating with people like that is tiresome and probably a waste of time.

Why do they do it? Why do we meet so many seemingly professional business persons that argue that a certain area-of-anything is beyond the grasp of human understanding? Well there is ALWAYS an agenda – they are not really saying that THEY cannot understand the area – they are saying that YOU cannot understand the area – and that YOU cannot describe the area perfectly with an easy to read, transparent, easy to maintain timeless UML-model that executes in an MDriven-environment. That is what they really say. And that is what we see MDriven-developers all over the world prove wrong time and time again.

As NOTHING is beyond comprehension – nothing is beyond declaration – and hence nothing is beyond system supported execution.

Keep it up! Do not let the bozos get you down!

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