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Excel Rocks! But…

If you do solutions for colleagues with Excel you have the ability to build enterprise grade multi user information systems with MDriven in about the same time.

Excel is amazing – it empowers you. We want to empower you even more with MDriven.

Excel is so great because you do not need the IT department to get things done – you do not need to explain every tiny detail that you cannot articulate until you see it for yourself. You can work very iteratively and arrive at a solution that works now and can be improved tomorrow. You can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

Excel is however frustrating since your solution is depending on strict definitions on what positions in sheets mean – and there is no easy way to communicate the relations between cells other than using column and row references. It is easy to lose track of the solution as it grows and you go from being very excited to hating it – back to excited – and so on in a rapid pace. Part of this is natural developer angst – and a big part is fixable by raising the level of abstraction with MDriven.

Excel is sadly not very safe when having multiple users because there is no difference between using the solution and changing the solutions – and some of your users will change rather than use, by mistake or curiosity or trying to be helpful – and then you risk to lose track.

  • We want to empower you to build multi user enterprise grade information systems without involving the IT department. We want to give you the power you have with excel but without the limitations.
  • We will enable you to separate “using your solution” from “changing your solution” as is the signum of all robust systems.
  • We will show you have to avoid losing track of a growing solution by using plain English instead of cell references in all your rules.
  • We will show how to incorporate any level of authorization into your system so that you can keep sensitive information in the same solution as open information – and still be safe.
  • We will show you that you can replace not only complex excel spread-sheets but also bulky licensed cots-systems with your own tailored MDriven systems. Doing so will save you licensing fees and make users happier – and put you in the driver seat for improvements.

Now you might think – “I really do love excel and I am not prepared to leave it”. You will not have to leave it! Your MDriven system will work with excel and it will be easy to push and pull data from your MDriven-based-system. You can also easily produce excel-reports from your system.

There are actually only benefits going down the MDriven route – it gives you the abilities of an experienced software developer without the need to learn a lot of technology. We want you to be able to focus on the gist of your solution and leave the tech-stuff to MDriven.

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