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Un-learn how to code

Un-learn how to code. Why would you want to un-learn how to code?

The problem with “coding” is that it is the process of taking a high-level description of information and process, that can be easily understood by people – and translate it into a lower level of description of the exact same information and process so that your machine servers may understand it.

This is all and good – but just as we have issues from language to language translation like distortion and lack of speed – we have the same issues with code and coding.

Further more we often make no separate documentation on what we said to the translator or coder – we just assume the message will be conveyed to the machines and it is enough if they have the definition clear – so that we do not need to hold all those things in mind.

We have wrongly assumed that it is the translator i.e. the coder that keeps the knowledge – but they don’t. Of course, the translator will know what you said an hour ago, yesterday or even last month – but they will have no chance of remembering all the details that went into code a year ago.

We also wrongly assumed that the rules we convey to the coder are timeless – that they will not wither with time. This assumption could have been correct but isn’t because the coder mixes your rules with other requirements that are implied from today’s technology – the modernity – and this age rather fast. Your timeless rules are mixed with short lived technology – and the result does not last.

This is why we must un-learn how to code.

Information technology is the most powerful tool we ever invented – it is too important not to use. It is too important for allowing it to be hard to use. Information technology must be democratized and made available for high level descriptions that humans understand rather than low level code that is error prone and already mixed with things that age.

MDriven is showing the way – everyone will eventually follow – but being first is an opportunity.

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