Is MDriven really no-code?

To answer this you really must define “code” first. Luckily I already did that here.

There is no getting away from that someone must understand the problem that is to be managed by a software system.

MDriven raises the level of abstraction so that once you do understand – you are done. The fact that you can refine your understanding indefinitely is another story – but MDriven has you covered here as well.

MDriven also keeps a high level description of your understanding in a timeless non-aging standardized format : UML.

This leads me to claim that MDriven is no-code in an even bigger way than top-brand-no-code-products because all?/most take your understanding of the problem to solve and helps you codify it into their own proprietary format – albeit with visual tools – that then is executed.

None of these tools claim to be a clear description of the problem to solve – they only claim to be a solution for the implementation of a problem you want solved. Hmm a solution codified from your understanding – an understanding you keep in your memory or other documentation. So they are not really no-code, are they?

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